To Become a Member

New applicants may petition for membership by furnishing the IAS Secretary with three documents:

a) a personal letter written by the applicant stating why he/she desires to become a Member, what his/her interest is in Illinois archaeology, and what are his/her areas of interest.

b) a sponsor's letter written by a Member in the Illinois Archaeological Survey. The sponsor's letter should state his/her knowledge of the applicant as well as the contributions the applicant will make to Illinois archaeology.

c) a Curriculum Vita that is up to date with current address, institutional affiliation, experience in Illinois archaeology, and publications.

Membership applications should be submitted to the Secretary, who will review them and recommend to the Board a membership decision. Membership will be extended to individuals who receive a majority approval and becomes effective upon payment of annual dues.

Renewal notices are sent electronically to members when dues payments are needed.

All correspondence, including applications for membership, dues payments, journal subscriptions, and change-of-address notices, should be addressed to the Secretary.

Secretary contact information:

Kevin McGowan

Public Service Archaeology & Architecture Program

University of Illinois

109 Davenport Hall

607 South Mathews

Urbana, IL 61801

The IAS is a member of the Coalition for American Heritage.

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