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Awards and Honors

For a summary of the history of the awards up to 2000, please consult Kenneth Farnsworth’s 2000 article “Recognizing our Own: Historic Summary and Overview of IAS Honors and Awards: 1958–1999.” Illinois Archaeology 12 (1&2):315–323. 

The IAS has six categories of awards:

Charles J. Bareis Distinguished Service Award

This award honors those individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to Illinois archaeology and/or the Illinois Archaeological Survey.

The Leonard W. Blake Distinguished Amateur Award

The Blake award is named in honor of its first recipient. It recognizes avocational archaeologists who have made significant contributions to Illinois archaeology and who have supported the goals and methodologies of professional archaeology.

Honorary Lifetime Membership

This award is given to recognize outstanding career achievements by members of the organization. The original Lifetime members were ‘pioneers’ of the organization.

The Illinois Archaeology Career Achievement Award

This award honors professional archaeologists for outstanding career accomplishments and contributions to our understanding of Illinois prehistory and history.

The Illinois Archaeology Public Service Award

This award recognizes important contributions to Illinois archaeology by public figures, private citizens, organizations and programs for their outstanding efforts to promote, protect and preserve cultural resources.

The IAS Memorial Service Award

This award honors the achievements of Illinois archaeologists whose careers have been cut short by fatal illness or accident.

     Award Recipients

Charles J. Bareis Distinguished Service Award
Charles J. Bareis  1993
James A. Brown  1996
Dawn Cobb  2011
Michael Conner 
Barbara Donahue  1996
Thomas Emerson  1996
Kenneth Farnsworth   2016
Andrew Fortier   2014
Shawnee National Forest  1997
James B. Griffin  1994
Alan Harn  2006
William Iseminger
Douglas K. Jackson  2013
John E. Kelly  2013
Jack (Chao-Li) Lui  2003
Rochelle Lurie  2009
Floyd Mansberger  2018

Terrance J. Martin

Kevin McGowan  2020
David Nolan  2016
Robert L. Poehls  1993
Dale McElrath   2014
Lenville Stelle   2014
Upper Mississippi Valley Archaeological Research Foundation   2019
Mark Walczynski  1993
John Walthall  1992
Mike Wiant  2009
Bob Williams  1995
Leonard W. Blake Distinguished Amateur Award
Ferrel Anderson  1986
Leonard W. Blake  1982
Lucille & Howard Davis  1999
Jerry Elliston  1984
Earl Fey  2009
Gene Gray  1985
Glen and Mary Hanning
John Henry  2004
Larry Kinsella
Edward B. Lace  1997
Adolf Link  1990
Richard E. Martins   2011
David Mayer  2003
Jim Mertz  2019
Albert Meyer  1989
Leslie W. Milligan  1996
Bob Nale  2009
Robert Reber   2011
Karen Sank  1991
Denzil Stephens  1983
Lynn Stephens  2013
Robert and Doreen Stelton  2004
Lee and Lila Vick  1998

Honorary Lifetime Membership
Charles J. Bareis  1995
Elaine Bluhm Herold  1978
Thorne Deuel  1978
Melvin L Fowler  1987
James B Griffin  1978
Robert Hall  2009
Edward B. Jelks  1998
John D. McGregor  1978
Jon Muller  2009
Harriet M. Smith  1987
Howard D. Winters  1978

Illinois Archaeology Career Achievement Award
James A. Brown  2009
Brian Butler  2013
Thomas Emerson   2014
Mark Esarey  2019
Duane Esarey   2021
Melvin Fowler  2006
William Green  2023
Robert L. Hall  1997
Alan Harn  2021
Hal Hassen   2021
R. Bruce McMillan   2014
Jon Muller  2006
Mary L. Simon  2022
Stuart Struever   2014
John Walthall   2009
Mark Wagner  2023
Warren Wittry  1996
Illinois Archaeology Public Service Award
Melvin Allsheid  1999
Alice Berkson
Steve Boles  2019
Richard Bradley  2009
David and Patricia Casper  2008
Paul and Mary Chucalo  1999
Harry Drucker  2006
Ron Duncan  2007
Ray Druhot   2015
Emmons family  1998
Duane Esarey  2003
Forest Preserve District of Cook County et al.
Friends of Albany Mounds   2006
Gramercy Park Foundation  2006
Scott Fowler  2009
Mr & Mrs James Gallop  1996
Mary Gilman  1999
Valerie Hall  2013
Anne Haaker   2014
Mary Margaret Harris & Cynthia Knutilla   2015
Hal Hassen  2006
Kincaid Mounds Support
Virginia Jensen   2015
Jody Johnson  2007
Roger & Peg Johnson  2012
Chris Kirkpatrick  2008
Richard Kuennekke  2005
Thomas J. Loebel   2022
Brian Luhr  1999
Joe MacFarland  2009
Corene McDaniels  2007
Don McFall  2006
Paul McNight  2007
Angela Moorehouse  2006
Francis Newell  1996
New Philadelphia Association   2016
Leslie and Juanita Parsons  2003
Friend of the Indian Mounds Pool and Park
Don Porter & Mike Porter  2017
Karen Poulson   2004
Powell Archaeological Research Center (PARC) 
Midewin Tallgrass Prairie  1996
Nelson Reed  2013
Kelvin Sampson  2003
Tom Short  1996
Smeja Foundation  2012
Dean Spindler  2009
Robert Swenson  2007
Barbara Thoelke  2007
Edmund Thornton  1996
Richard Townsend  2005
Bill Wheeler  2009

IAS Memorial Service Award
James W. Porter  2003
David Walitschek  1997

Last updated 01/18/2024.

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