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Guidelines for the Jeanette Stephens Awards 2017


As in the past several years the IAS is soliciting papers for two Jeanette Stephens Awards. The first award will be for the best undergraduate paper on a topic concerning Illinois archaeology. (Work done on sites outside of Illinois, but contributing to the interpretation of Illinois archaeology is acceptable.) Thoughtful term papers and senior honors papers by budding archaeologists may provide interesting and original approaches to a wide range of topics—from theoretical perspectives, to artifact analysis, to interpretation of field procedures—and hopefully will be an excellent learning experience. The second award will be for the best paper by a recent graduate (one to three years post undergraduate studies) on a topic dealing with Illinois archaeology; for example, these papers may cover some aspect of a graduate student’s thesis or some current, professional, CRM-related project. Three readers evaluate each paper. They are asked to provide helpful, constructive comments on and references for the research problems, methods, and results presented in each paper. The comments are meant to encourage submitters to continue with their projects and to improve them. We encourage submissions of revised papers to the IAS journal Illinois Archaeology for publication.

Papers are limited to 25 double-spaced pages including illustrations and references. The paper text should be substantive with graphs, maps, and/or photographs used to illustrate important points.  If there are far more pages of illustration than text, it may be that the student is presenting too much information for a paper this size.  Since these papers may be submitted for publication in Illinois Archaeology, they should be prepared in accordance with the published Illinois Archaeology instructions.

Entrants for both awards must have been enrolled in a university/college program between August 1, 2014 and July 31, 2017; however, recent Ph.D.s are excluded from the competition.  Submissions (both paper and electronic copies) should be sent by July 31, 2017, along with a letter from the professor, instructor, or researcher under whose direction the paper was written. Send submissions to Alleen Betzenhauser, Chair of the Stephens Award committee, 1510 N. 89th Street, Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208 or email to Alleen Betzenhauser. If you have questions, please email her.

All entrants will receive a complete set of the IAS journal Illinois Archaeology (Volumes 1-27) and selected volumes from the SIU Visiting Scholars series. The winner of each award will also receive $250.00 and a certificate signed by the IAS President. The award winners are expected to present abbreviated (15 minute spoken) versions of their papers at the IAS annual meeting and are encouraged to submit their papers for publication in Illinois Archaeology.

2017 Winners

Abby Baka (Washington University in St. Louis), for an undergraduate paper titled "Shell Beads at Cahokia, Mound 34." 

Meagan Bell (University of Toledo), for an undergraduate paper titled "Understanding the Moorehead Phase at the Copper Site: Lithic Procurement and Use as Compared to the Cahokia Political-Administrative Complex."

Past winners:

Kelly Arnold (2005, undergraduate), Valerie L. Starr (2006), Lacey Nicole Heflin (2007), Lori Belknap (2008), Elizabeth Conzelman (2009), Aimee Carbaugh (2010), Dan Blodgett (2011, undergraduate), Dana Bardolph (2012), No Award (2013), Megan Nyquist (2014, undergraduate), Kaitlin Roberts (2014, undergraduate), Allison Huber (2015, graduate), Rosemary Bolin (2015, undergraduate), Madeline Azar (2016, undergraduate), Jade Klope (2016, undergraduate), A. J. White (2016, graduate).

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