Board of Directors


President: Christopher Fennell (2018–2019)

President: Clare Tolmie (2020-2021)

President-Elect: Clare Tolmie (2018–2019)

President-Elect: Mark Wagner (2020-2021)

Secretary: Kevin McGowan (2018–2021)

Treasurer: Daniel Amick (2018–2021)

Editor: Michael Conner (2019–2021)


Alleen Betzenhauser (2019–2021)

Ryan Campbell (2019-2020)

Thomas Emerson (2017–2019)

Mark Esarey (2017–2019)

Eve Hargrave (20182020)

Kristin Hedman (2020-2022)

Brooke Morgan (2020-2022)

Jacob Skousen (2019–2021)

Mark Wagner (2018–2019)

Melissa Baltus Zych (20182020)

Julie Zimmermann (2020-2022)

About us

The Illinois Archaeological Survey is a society of professional archaeologists, and other technical professionals, dedicated to identifying and preserving important archaeological resources throughout the state of Illinois.

The IAS is a member of the Coalition for American Heritage. 

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