Call for Articles: 2016 Illinois Archaeology Awareness Month Issue of Illinois Antiquity

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Illinois Antiquity

Illinois Archaeology Awareness Month Issue Sept. 2016

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Our IAAM theme issue will again be a joint effort of the Illinois Association for Advancement of Archaeology (IAAA) and the Illinois Archaeological Survey (IAS). We plan a full-color issue that will feature articles related why and how we use artifact typology to interpret the past.

Archaeologists organize artifacts into types based on the category of material (such as stone, clay, or bone), possible function or functions based on morphology and type of modification. Once critical for determining chronological sequences, artifact types, along with their associated contexts provide insights into the technological and social realm of past societies. How have recent studies of detailed material composition, use wear, and deposition context broadened our view of artifact interpretation? What is the role of experimental archaeology in altering previous classifications? What kinds of artifacts, once overlooked, are now analyzed to provide new information? How do we interpret unexpected or unusual artifacts that do not fit in with our preconceived notions?

For the 2016 IAAM edition Illinois Antiquity, we seek articles that are related to Illinois artifact studies. Articles for this issue may be short (1000 words or fewer), or longer (2500 words), and can be as brief as an illustration of a single artifact with accompanying description, or longer articles written in a non-technical style. Our goal is to make the issue more like a magazine, widely accessible to many readers, with illustrations in the form of photos or figures. Detailed tables, lists of citations, or recommended readings will be placed on the IAAA web site as a companion to the issue. Illinois Antiquity authors’ guidelines may be found at To allow time for the issue to be printed before September, the deadline for articles is July 31, 2016.

If you are able to contribute an article for our IAAM issue of Illinois Antiquity, please get in touch with Kevin McGowan ( If you have questions about IAAM events and/or the poster, please contact Joseph Wheeler ( or phone 815.423.2125). Our goal is to send out the posters during the summer so everyone will have them by Awareness Month in September, and to have the publication completed before September.

If you would like to donate funds to the poster and publication for 2016 Illinois Archaeology Awareness Month, please send your check (payable to Illinois Archaeological Survey or IAS) to Kevin McGowan, IAS Secretary, at Public Service Archaeology & Architecture Program, University of Illinois, 109 Davenport Hall, 607 South Mathews, Urbana, IL 61801. All donations are tax deductible and will be acknowledged on the IAAM web site. Donations of $100 or more will be designated as sponsors and will be listed on the poster and the publication.


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